Welcome to the Atlanta Flash/Flex User Group!
We usually meet every third Wednesday of the month at the EchoEleven offices. Membership is free and we have fairly active mailing list which helps serve the community with their development efforts.

Please note! We are meeting on a different Wednesday due to other events in Atlanta!

April 29, 2009 Meeting Details
Date: Web., April 29, 2009
Pizza & Schmoozing: 6:00 PM
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: EchoEleven Offices
Dress: Anywhere from casual to business formal
Price: FREE!

April's meeting is going to be a exciting night centered around Audio and Video in Flex, Flash, AIR, otherwise known as the Flash Platform.

Alan Queen on Dynamic Audio with Flex/Flash/Air

We'll explore the new capabilities for audio in Flash player 10 and discuss how these new features can be leveraged to create everything from music synthesizers to full blown multi-track audio sequencers.
We'll also take a deep dive into the code on how to draw audio waveforms, and how to play and mix multiple audio streams in real time.

Alan Queen has been developing in Adobe/Macromedia products for over 10 years and specializes in Flex/AIR applications. He's worked for companies such as IBM, Shockwave.com, and Schematic and is now developing audio applications for Aviary.com. His background is in music and sound engineering, and his audio application "Digimix" won the Adobe Air Derby at Max07.

Kenny Bunch on TBD
Atlanta Flash/Flex User Group

The Atlanta Flash and Flex User Group is a non-profit organization gear to increasing the awareness and development of Adobe's Flash, Flex and AIR product lines. We are an official Adobe User Group and are also one of the first Flex user groups worldwide. Our monthly meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month, and membership is FREE!

Benefits of being a member:
- MAX Conference Discounts
- Flexmanic Conference Discounts
- Flex|360 Conference Discounts
- Certification Discounts
- Free software giveaways
- Free and/or discounted books
- Door prizes

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